August 21, 2017

In hospitality over 21 percent of marketing budgets are spent on promotional products. When considering the benefits of promotional products, it makes sense why.

  • More than 90 percent of consumers have a promotional product in their kitchen.  
  • Over three quarters of consumers say that the product’s usefulness is the number one reason why they keep it.
  • When satisfied, consumers were up to 500 percent more likely to refer others with a promotional product over an appeal letter.

Consumers are more likely to keep items they find useful, especially if it’s for the kitchen.  When they’re happy with the products, they’re more likely to use them, ensuring maximum exposure for your branding.  Simply giving a generic item may be good enough for some, but when consumers are keeping and using one or more promotional items, sometimes on a daily basis, generic is not good enough.  

Providing a useful, high quality, memorable product will make a lasting impression.  At many a trade show and convention the tables, chairs, and trash bins often are filled with forgettable promotional materials.  Consumers only need so many pens, lanyards, or fliers.  Providing a unique, useful promotional product will help ensure that it will make it into the consumer’s home, and not in the landfill.

Take for example a client of one of our distributors. She owns a real estate office and orders closing gifts through the distributor.  Whenever one of their realtors closes on a house, they get the buyers a gift basket.  The basket has artisan bread, jam, and a custom engraved cutting board.  The bread and jam are great parts of the gift, but they don’t last for a long time.  The custom cutting board, though, is something the buyers will keep and regularly use.

Promotional products have turned from creating minimum exposure to leveraging the most bang for your buck. Your customers don’t want another piece of junk filling up their desk drawers (or worse their trash can). Give them what they want and will use every day.